Our general perspective

Our pets are more than just some animals to us, we see them as family members ( of course not as human ones!) and that is also the way we treat them – with empathy and patience.

Consequent postgraduate training (membership in the ATF as well as in the BPT) and cooperation with highly specialized veterinarians and veterinary clinics are a grant for the competent medical care of your pet.

In our opportunity, a good and early prophylaxis is much better than later healing efforts. Therefore we offer you careful advice as well as regular check ups to prevent illnesses as consequent as possible.

Your personal contentment and the well being of your pet are important to us.

If you have any questions or problems, we allways will try to be there for you and your pet.



In case of emergency you can try to reach me under 0171-4790556. I will call you back as soon as possible.

If you cannot contact me in an very urgent emergency case, please contact the following veterinary clinic:

Tierklinik Hofheim
Im Langgewann 9 • 65719 Hofheim
Phone: 06192/290290



mo. 8 - 20 Uhr
tue. 8 - 18 Uhr
wen. 8 - 11 Uhr & 17 - 20 Uhr
thu. 8 - 18 Uhr
fr. 8 - 20 Uhr
sa. 9 - 10 Uhr

Please call us for an appointment during our opening times under 06151-4288260.

Fiedlerweg 10 - 64287 Darmstadt
phone. 06151 / 42 88 260
fax 06151 / 42 88 377
email: mail@tierarzt-miltz.de